Gramercy Townhouse in Manhattan, New York (NYC)
Gramercy Apartments

Gramercy Townhouse

Manhattan’s First Passive House Apartments

Open the door to your private oasis in the city that never sleeps.

Located in the heart of one of Manhattan’s most desirable residential neighborhoods, Gramercy Townhouse is Manhattan’s first Passive House Apartments. Three distinct apartment units are expertly designed to be both sleek and comfortable, and each is equipped with state-of-the-art “passive” insulation and ventilation systems to ensure an optimally quiet, clean, and respiration-friendly environment. Sound canceling windows and doors ensure that guests will sleep deeply and totally undisturbed in this exceptionally peaceful retreat.

A brand new luxury rental in the heart of midtown Manhattan.

Every detail of the house’s materials, furnishings, and construction—curated by our Green Team—embodies our total dedication to sustainability and to leaving a minimal carbon imprint. Whether in town for work or for fun, for a short visit or for a longer stay, Gramercy Townhouse is the ideal luxury vacation rental for discerning visitors seeking convenience and tranquility in the city that never sleeps. Better suited to meet your needs that any hotel in Manhattan, our fully furnished apartments are equipped with every necessary amenity and technology, from 300 mph high-speed Wi-Fi to an ultra-streamlined keypad check-in and enabled entrance. Each apartment offers secluded bedroom areas with Serta Signature Elite mattresses and Comphy linens, newly renovated, luxurious bathrooms with complimentary Malin & Goetz products, and spacious living areas for work, play, and entertaining, replete with plush furnishings and premium lighting. Expect to find unlimited Brita filtered water as well as daily provisions such as coffee and tea, smart TVs with personal content streaming capabilities, and USB charging stations.

Home Away From Home

Our welcoming and close-knit staff is available to answer whatever questions you may have, and to organize transportation and airport transfer as well as any services from grocery delivery and fresh flowers to cleaning, luggage storage, babysitting, and even event planning, should you choose to entertain while you’re here. Gramercy Townhouse is, quite literally, a home away from home, and our goal is to streamline your stay so that you can focus on whatever it is that brought you to New York, whether business or pleasure.

Gramercy Townhouse is a Passive House.

What is a passive house? From the outside, a passive house may be indistinguishable from any other, and indeed this very subtlety is one of its most appealing qualities. The principle of the passive house was first pioneered in the 1970s (and finally completed in the 1990s by Dr. Wolfgang Feist) as a way to maximize thermal and acoustic efficacy while also ensuring the freshest possible air. In other words, a passive house is superbly insulated, incredibly quiet, and maintains optimal air quality—all while expending minimal energy.

The word “passive” indicates that this design strategy drastically curtails a building’s carbon footprint by reducing energy usage by up to 90%. The passive house utilizes 5 core components: an absolutely airtight enclosure, a continuous insulated exterior (almost like an envelope), solar orientation, high performance windows and doors, and an active High Efficiency Heat Recovery Ventilation System which continuously filters airflow.

Unlike most hotels in New York, for which frequent turnover also promotes wastefulness and the excess use of harmful chemicals, the passive house creates a sustainable, clean living environment that is also supremely comfortable, and healthy.

We Conserve Energy
and leave a Minimal
Carbon Imprint.

Healthy Air and Respiration
Friendly Environment.

Super Silent


In Cho is a founder of ChoShields Studio, a multi-disciplinary architectural firm that specializes is forging meaningful connections between individuals and their environments. ChoShields is also a Certified Passive House design studio, and its projects focus on using sustainable materials and building strategies in order to produce spaces that are transformative—both socially and ecologically.

Sudha Sahai

About the owner

Sudha Sahai

Owner and Interior Designer Sudha Sahai spent the first two decades of her life in India. Her father was a railway executive and she spent much of her childhood riding up, down, and across her vast home country on trains. In the process, she developed a deep and lifelong passion for travel and exploration. After meeting her husband at age 20, Sudha moved to Sardinia for three months, where she fell in love with Italian culture and style, and then to London for five years. Finally, she arrived in New York; she called the city her adopted home and settled to raise three sons.

Certificate of Excellence

Gramercy Townhouse is a Certified Retrofit PEnerPhit Low Energy Passive House.

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